Monday, October 19, 2015


This post would be better with a picture of Riley and me together, but the topic of the post nearly explains the reason that is not available right now.  This picture is of Riley ready for school on her first day of 8th grade. 

A couple of Saturdays ago, Riley and I took a day trip to Phoenix.  We visited with some of my siblings and their kids.  We had a nice time visiting.  I usually like talking to my kids in the car too, when I can get one to myself like that.  We did talk, but she does not always want to talk as long as I want to talk.  She doesn't always want to take a picture when I want to take a picture. 

How did we fill the car hours?  We sang.  Riley has a lovely soprano voice.  She sings notes that my voice only dreams about singing.  I like to sing, but I sing alto.  As we sang different songs (her playlist) I noticed that she and I do not often sing the melody.  She chooses to harmonize and go higher, while I harmonize and go lower.  In many areas of life, she and I often choose different paths and have different opinions.  In Road Trip Harmony (yes, I capitalized that!) we do not choose the same notes at all, but we blend.  We complement each other.  We bring out good in each other.  I love this harmony, and I love this girl.

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