Friday, November 20, 2015

The Long Overdue Gift

When I was twelve years old I was a pretty good student in school.  In fact, as a seventh grader I had straight A's.....with one exception.  I had an F in sewing.  I'm not quite sure how it happened.  I was not forced to take the class.  At the beginning of the class I looked forward to learning how to sew.  My mother took me shopping for a material and a pattern to make a blouse.  I chose it myself.  Then I hated it.  It was red fabric with palm trees.  Horrible.  It was the 1970's and a lot of stuff was horrible, but this was worse than the usual horrible.  The pattern was also pretty ugly once I got going on it.  I could not see a reason to finish a project that was not going to be worth the trouble.  I wanted to change it but I could not.  So I just didn't do it.  I was reluctant, then stubborn, then absolute in my refusal to finish it.  I got an incomplete in the class.  When I still didn't finish it, I got an F. 

Over the next few years, my mother tried to get me to do a little sewing at home.  I had a new sister born when I was 15 and my mom tried to get me to make a couple of things for her.  I loved her, but not the projects.  Thinking back I don't know if I really hated it, or if I was determined not to do it so I acted like I hated it.  There is not a difference in the finished product no matter the reason for not doing it.

My mother sewed for me.  She made dresses for me.  I remember my 8th grade graduation dress fondly.  My girls would think it was hideous to look at....but it was the 1970's.  My mother made me dresses for various dances.  I don't think I ever showed enough gratitude for spending that kind of time to make something for me. 

Earlier this year I made a new friend.  She's an unexpected friend.  She's a bonus and a blessing in my life.  She loves to sew and started teaching me three months ago.  I don't even have a machine.  I sew at her house for a few hours every week or two.  She is so generous with her time.  I hardly know how to thank her. 

Well the first project I made was a simple quilt.  I cut and sewed the pieces together and then had someone machine quilt it.  I really enjoyed this project.  I've told people who are good at this type of thing not to look at it too closely, because I am definitely a beginner. 

Two weeks ago it was my mother's birthday.  She was randomly staying here at my house so we put on a little party for her.  I gave her the quilt as a birthday gift.  I told her that I appreciated how she tried to teach me to sew and that I was sorry that I didn't show enough gratitude back then or make much of an effort.  I told her it only made sense that I should give this first project to her.  It felt good to acknowledge the things she did for me in the past.  I'm so glad she was able to spend her birthday with me.

Here are my cute parents.

She didn't get all the candles out at once....

I think she liked this long overdue gift.

Monday, October 19, 2015


This post would be better with a picture of Riley and me together, but the topic of the post nearly explains the reason that is not available right now.  This picture is of Riley ready for school on her first day of 8th grade. 

A couple of Saturdays ago, Riley and I took a day trip to Phoenix.  We visited with some of my siblings and their kids.  We had a nice time visiting.  I usually like talking to my kids in the car too, when I can get one to myself like that.  We did talk, but she does not always want to talk as long as I want to talk.  She doesn't always want to take a picture when I want to take a picture. 

How did we fill the car hours?  We sang.  Riley has a lovely soprano voice.  She sings notes that my voice only dreams about singing.  I like to sing, but I sing alto.  As we sang different songs (her playlist) I noticed that she and I do not often sing the melody.  She chooses to harmonize and go higher, while I harmonize and go lower.  In many areas of life, she and I often choose different paths and have different opinions.  In Road Trip Harmony (yes, I capitalized that!) we do not choose the same notes at all, but we blend.  We complement each other.  We bring out good in each other.  I love this harmony, and I love this girl.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Really? An Update?

I glanced around this morning, and although I have so many things to do, there is not a fire to put out.  I have not felt that way for quite a long time.  I tried to think about what I used to do when I felt like this. (I felt like this?)  I looked around a bit on my computer and saw my old beloved blog.  It has been stuck on Emilee's 16th birthday for a long time now.  I wondered what it would feel like to add to start writing again.

I looked at the old family picture on this blog cover, that shows us all gathered on Riley's 8th birthday.  She just turned 13!  So I decided to add a family picture in this post that is a bit more recent.  That's us from last December.  I'm sure I could do better than that.  I plan on it.  I need to, because when I looked back on what I used to write and share here, I was filled with happiness about what I managed to record of our family history.  I want more of that!!