Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Part Two...

I know it has been nearly two months, but I can't write about Christmas I, and not add a bit about Christmas II.

You see, even though all the kids were home, we had a relatively quiet Christmas here because our out of town family wasn't here with us. We were able to gather a few of them for Christmas II on December 30 and 31.

We always have a pinata for Christmas with the family.  The little cousins line up in age order, and can't wait to have their turn.  As you can see, we start teaching this violence to our babies when they can't even walk yet ;)

In no time, they can do it on their own, and are quite proud of it!!

Look at Emilee go!  We have trained her well all these years, and have given her the tools for pinata success.

We were missing lots of family here.  My parents weren't here.  Also, two of my brothers, and two of my sisters were not able to come.  We had lots of fun, but it was incomplete....

We had our traditional cousin gift exchange, and then the white elephant gift game.  (I wish this picture was not so blurry.)


After "Christmas" we quickly moved on to celebrating the new year.  We enjoyed some little fireworks in the desert.

After fireworks, my sister brought out these crazy masks!  We tried to keep solemn for our pictures.  It was difficult to do that at the same time as laughing hysterically.  We mostly managed.  I just can't find the right descriptive words, so just scroll down and see a few of the pictures....


And a Happy Belated 2012 to all!!


mmg said...

How fantastic for us since we did not participate in the activities to be able to imagine what it was like. We do have a great group. Thanks

Megan said...

I want to celebrate with you guys!
And the masks...I can't even deal...hysterical!