Saturday, February 18, 2012

And Many More.....

In our immediate family, we have two birthday seasons. One is at the end of January, and through part of February. The other is approximately six months later.

In January, Ryan led out.

Okay, obviously this is not a picture of Ryan's birthday. Rather it is a picture of when he and Brittany were here for Christmas. That is the Celtic's sweatshirt his dad got for him. Jeff and Ryan are fans.  It seems crazy that Ryan could be 26 years old.  You know, my mom says stuff like that to me.  I am also the oldest, so  I am beginning to understand how my birthdays seem strange to her. 

Ryan is in the process of deciding which law school to attend next fall.  He should know soon.....
It is like we are dealing with a cliff hanger in the Ryan Show, and we can't wait until we know how it is resolved.


Kaitie's birthday was next.  Now that she is a three hour drive away, our visits can be a little more frequent.  We spent a day with her a little before her actual birthday.

Jeff helped her put together some furniture.  They built a little night stand, and a book shelf.  You can see Riley was enjoying Kaitie's computer.

After awhile, we went to meet some of our Phoenix family at a restaurant.  This is how my girls walked through the parking lot.  Don't you love it? 

One of my sisters and two of my brothers and their families met us there....The Cheesecake Factory....and we had quite the lunch and birthday celebration.

Kaitie choose red velvet cheesecake....SUCH a Kaitie thing to go with her birthday song.

Kaitie loves her cute little cousins.

(We have another birthday to go in birthday season....Emilee's is next week.  Brittany's birthday is on the same day.  She fits right into our birthday season....that is just one of many ways she is just right for our family.)


Sabra said...

Look at Lori!!! Tell her we are planning our 20 year reunion, and I could really use her help.

Anonymous said...

And remember, my half birthday is on Wednesday!:)


Anonymous said...

Aww the pict of the girls in the parking lot totally made me cry, I don't know why, but it is so sweet!