Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hello Out There.....

My last post was called "Remember the Rain." Since it rained again now, I decided to write again. Not really. I love to write, and I have missed this blog.  Since I started taking classes a year ago, I have not taken the time for this like I used to.  I can't believe I only have 22 posts for all of last year.  

The big adjustment I have been making right now is having Kaitie and Ally move away in January.  Yes, Kaitie had been gone already.  She spent a semester at BYU-Idaho.  Kaitie decided that she and Idaho were not a perfect match, so she transferred to ASU.  It was better than great having her home for the holidays.  On January 2, Ally took her to Tempe and moved her into a house near the campus.  What a difference from having a big family trip to Idaho and a big goodbye scene!  I have to say it feels good knowing that she is only three hours away, instead of fifteen. 

Here are Ally and Kaitie, the morning of January 2, about to leave the driveway.

Ally returned home a couple of days later, and on January 6 she moved to the Salt Lake City area.  Jeff drove up there with her and flew home after she was settled.  She found a part time job, and is still looking for THE job.  I can't imagine moving to cold country in January, but Ally seems to be up for that challenge. 

It is good and bad watching my kids go out into the world.  I am proud of them.  I miss them.  I don't want them to be home.  I do want them to be home.  I want them to want to be home.  I want them to feel competent and independent enough not to want to be home.  Have I made myself clear?