Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Latest.....

It has been two months, and I just have to pop in here with the latest thing, and do the catching up later!

Ryan graduated from BYU-Idaho last week.  He even spoke at the convocation for the College of Language and Letters.  I guess that makes sense for a guy who majored in Spanish Education, minored in Russian, and went on a mission to Mongolia!

Ryan gave a great talk, mostly focusing on gratitude.  Well, I am grateful for him

So, of course these two pictures were taken at his convocation on Friday evening, April 8.

(Imagine the appropriate music here....)

This picture of Ryan and Brittany is from Saturday morning, at the BYU Idaho center, where the main commencement services were held.  

We took lots of pictures on both days.  Brittany put on her cap and gown too, since she just graduated in December.  My mom said that these two are the Dynamic Duo, and she is right.  Ryan is taking an LSAT course right now, and he and Brittany are both employed.  Woo Hoo!  This picture symbolizes them jumping OUT of BYU Idaho..... what does THIS picture symbolize?  That would be Kaitie jumping IN.  Kaitie had been thinking about this for awhile, but had not quite been ready to make a final decision about where to go next year.  While we were there, she decided to really go for it.  She accepted her invitation there.  We even found her a place to live.  (Imagine me wiping a tear here....but being really happy too, I promise.)

Even Emilee started pondering her future.....

More soon!!