Sunday, February 13, 2011

".....It's Alarming How Charming I Feel..."

Jeff and I took some of our new found freedom (see last post) to San Diego last month.  We had a wonderful weekend at the Paradise Point Resort.  We attended the San Diego Temple.  We ate chioppino at Baleen.  We went to see West Side Story at the San Diego Civic Theater

West Side Story was not quite as amazing as I wanted it to be.  There seemed to be a sound system problem.  I couldn't catch all the dialogue.  (Well, I couldn't catch some of it because it was in Spanish.)  Still, it was so fun to get dressed up and go to the theater.  And those classic songs!  I thoroughly enjoyed them.

I missed my girls a little bit during the show.  Emilee would have been obsessed with  the choreographed fighting.........well, and all of the other dancing too.

Kaitie would have loved Maria's beautiful soprano voice..

I didn't miss them for much of the weekend though.  Much as I love them, I was having a nice getaway....

"........Feel like running
And dancing for joy......"

".......For I'm loved
By a pretty wonderful boy......"

(Do you know which song those lyrics are from?)

A Very Exciting Day

There was a  day in December that was nearly as exciting as Christmas. 

Kaitie took her time, much more than I expected, to get around to getting a license to drive.  She finally got it a few days after Christmas.  My life changed that day!

I can hand Kaitie a debit card and a shopping list and know that things are going to magically appear in the cupboards.  There are days when she not only brings home groceries, but transforms them into a delicious dinner.   She and I have worked out a pretty good system for all of this.  It is good for her, and it is fantastic for me.

Emilee took these pictures a few days before Kaitie got her license.  Kaitie was nervous that she wouldn't be able to pull her tire into the "L" during her driving test.  We went around and around our neighborhood, and kept returning to the "L" she drew in the street.

Riley was very excited about Kaitie being a driver.  She knew that I would say things like, "Please take your sisters to piano lessons." The best one lately was, "Do you have time to take Riley to pick out some valentines?"