Friday, October 15, 2010

The Beautiful Shoes

Emilee started dancing with a nearby studio about three years ago.  It has been hard work, being a little bit older of a beginner.  (Well, she danced when she was little too, but back then it wasn't about dancing, it was about cuteness.  She missed lots of years in between.)  One Friday evening in September, Emilee got the news she has been waiting for.  She was finally allowed to get her pointe shoes!

Those shoes are not available locally.  We didn't waste time though.  The next day, Emilee and I took a quick trip to the Chandler Mall.  I am not much of a shopper, but if I have to go to a mall, this is the one to go to.

 I took this picture outside of the dance store, with my phone.

Ally lives over there, so she met us that day at the mall.  After Emilee was fitted for her shoes, we looked around for "missionary wear" for Ally.  Emilee and I had all kinds of opinions to share. 

Em was horrified when she found out how few outfits Ally was going to be able to take.  Here she is, offering Ally some comfort.  (It is not that bad at 8-12.  Do I even have that many?) 

And here are the beautiful shoes. 


Megan said...

Life has a way of just getting on with itself doesn't it?

I'm happy for both of your girls!

Sabra said...

Very beautiful. I want a follow up photo of them in a year or two. Let the real work begin, Em!