Sunday, July 13, 2008

Same Song, Second Verse......

I took this picture about 9:30 last night. I was interrupting a game of tag. I was trying to get a good picture of the night pool, but my camera is just not up for that.

I didn't swim with them last night, but I had already been out there for some hours in the afternoon. Jeff was only out there for a few minutes in the afternoon, so he was anxious to get back out there.

We are overwhelmed with the novelty of the pool, and so it has taken over our lives for now. I know it will settle into its rightful place at some point. I don't think that time will come within the next three weeks before school starts.

Riley has had fun swimming with cousins a couple of different times. Yesterday she was funny to me trying to teach her slightly reluctant four year old cousin, Mason to jump into the water, far away from the edge. "Watch, and learn!" she proclaimed. I think since she is our baby, and forever trying to catch up with her sisters, she loves those times she is a little ahead on something. Riley is swimming better than I thought she would be able to by now. She seems driven to show she can do it. She doesn't want help, and she doesn't like to slow down out there. I'm good with it.

Kaitie and Emilee go back and forth between relaxing...or trying to, and competing in various contests. They are fun out there. Yesterday though, I gave a very deserved message to Kaitie. I told her to take this as a fortune cookie: You will be jabbed in the rear end under the water, when you least expect it!

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Anonymous said...

Oh having a pool really is wonderful, we are living here in a condo now and waiting on our house in Buckeye to close. I have to say a community pool is nothing like a private pool in your own back yard. We had our pool for a couple years before we moved here an dthe novelty in the summer never didi wear off, Enjoy!