Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ally and Mandy

Ally flew from Utah on Thursday, to the Phoenix area to be a bridesmaid for her friend Mandy. We drove over yesterday, to attend the wedding reception. We have known her family forever...well, since 1988. It is very likely that we would have gone over for the reception, even if Ally hadn't been able to be there, but her presence sealed the deal.

I took this picture of her when we got there, hours before the party. I told her she looked great, and she said, "It is because they did a good job on my hair and makeup." I had to quickly correct her, "No...I think that it is because I did a good job of giving birth to you!"

It might take ten entries to write all that comes to mind looking at this picture of Ally and Mandy. I wish for time to write all ten right now! This picture was taken in 1988, when they became friends.

Here they are, 20 years later. No less cute....just bigger....


mmg said...

Ally is completely gorgeous. I love the baby pictures of the two of them.

Jeff and Lindsey said...

AAAAH! Ally looks amazing! Of course, the bride does too. How great to have that pic of them as babies.

Kimmy said...

She is beautiful! I agree that you did a great job giving birth to her.

mandyface said...

I love Ally! Actually, I love all the Snow's!! Thanks for posting this! And for coming to the wedding! You forgot to mention you were my preschool teacher. Best teacher I ever had!

Mandy Nielsen