Friday, April 25, 2008

My Open Book

This is my fifth blog. Crazy, isn't it? I started my first one in 2003.

An online friend suggested that a few of us start blogs, so we could learn more about each other's lives. I jumped right in, and loved it from the start. But, it got tricky. I didn't make it known to my family and friends, and I had an awesome time writing about um.....them. After a couple of years, I started having trouble covering the tracks. It's actually silly how much I worried about it, because I wasn't writing anything very scandalous. When the day came that I hit the delete button, real tears rolled down my cheeks. (I have it printed and tucked away for now.)

I have tried a few other ways since then to blog, and it hasn't really been right since that first one. A new approach is in order. Thus the title: "My Open Book." I have been in a good mood since I decided to really do it. Something about it just feels right. I can hear the echo in it right now.....since no one has been invited in yet, it's pretty empty. I imagine I will work on it for a few days before it's truly "Open." We'll see......

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