Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bobby Pins and Tights

Once upon a time there was a little girl who didn't like to put on her dance tights. This little girl also did not hold still very well to get her hair done. She was particularly contrary about sitting for a picture when her hair turned out cute. Poor little girl. Who in her right mind would make this little girl get ready for that dance class every week?
Although the part about anyone being in her right mind has not been officially verified, a few things in this story have come to light. The little girl here has been known to skip and twirl into class quite happily. Other times, her obviously pleased eyes have not strayed from the wall sized mirror, as she watched herself attempt the moves of her teacher. Last of all, not a week has gone by that she hasn't been in a good mood during and after class.
I guess the poor little girl is stuck with those tights and bobby pins for at least a few more weeks.


Stacers said...

Sister Snow, I LOVE your blog! You are SO cute!
-Staci Adams-

Tina said...

Staci! It's good to "see" you here....:)

Smoov said...

Wow! Is that Riley? She looks much older than 5!!! Man these kids are growing up at war speed.