Wednesday, April 30, 2008

If You Have Seen This, Please Contact Me Immediately

I'm circulating this "flyer" in hopes of finding some missing math pages. Riley brought home some stapled together pages, that she was not supposed to bring home. Her teacher had not yet recorded the grade. I have actually spoken to the teacher about it, and told her that it is likely that we no longer have these pages. I'm still looking, but I really only have a couple of places anymore where I stash papers. I know that Riley expects that I have a magical cabinet which contains every piece of paper she has ever touched.

This morning, Riley decided that the reason we hadn't found the papers was because we didn't really know what the cover looked like. Between packing her backpack, brushing her teeth, and choosing her shoes, she kept darting back to the piece of paper to add the important details. Once I heard her frantically looking for a brown marker, so she could make the log brown. That may be just the detail I need....

When there was no time left, Riley handed me her work, and told me to look for a paper like that except with more dragonflies. She was so sweet and sincere that I wish we could just write a few math problems on the back and turn it in! Well anyway, if you happen to see some math papers with this sure the log is brown, and that there are more dragonflies, please let me know. A reward is being offered.....

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bobby Pins and Tights

Once upon a time there was a little girl who didn't like to put on her dance tights. This little girl also did not hold still very well to get her hair done. She was particularly contrary about sitting for a picture when her hair turned out cute. Poor little girl. Who in her right mind would make this little girl get ready for that dance class every week?
Although the part about anyone being in her right mind has not been officially verified, a few things in this story have come to light. The little girl here has been known to skip and twirl into class quite happily. Other times, her obviously pleased eyes have not strayed from the wall sized mirror, as she watched herself attempt the moves of her teacher. Last of all, not a week has gone by that she hasn't been in a good mood during and after class.
I guess the poor little girl is stuck with those tights and bobby pins for at least a few more weeks.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Out of the Mouth of a Young "Bun"

Compulsive is a disorder. I know it well. I also know it hits hard, and then tapers off.

I just wanted to write about picking Kaitie up from school. Every day, Riley (5) and I go to the high school to pick up Kaitie (15.)

Each day, Riley runs to the car to get there before me. She clicks her seatbelt quickly, and announces, "I'm the bunny, you're the turtle." I like it when she gets in the car before me. I am happy to be the turtle every day. I guess she has said it so often that she wants to even say it fast now. How it comes out now: "I'm the bun and you're the turd." I don't know if I will be happy to be that every day.

I pick up Kaitie in an area that I fondly call, "The Death Trap." Today while we waited, Riley had me read all the passing shirts to her. Surprisingly enough, I didn't have to censor anything. During this game we listened to music on the radio. I started singing along to Bon Jovi's "Dead or Alive."

Riley: You know this song?

Me: Yes, it's kind of old.

Riley: That explains why you know it.

So, I am not only a turd.....I am an old turd.

Monday Morning....

On Monday mornings, I tend to feel like I must be the most boring person on the earth. I see piles of weekend aftermath that I am supposed to be dealing with and think, "This is my job, this is my life?" It doesn't look that good through half closed eyes on a Monday morning.

Three weeks ago, I had to go to the court house for jury selection. I was horrified when I got there to see that it was for a murder trial. Not only was I there half a day, but was told to return again a week later. I had so many concerns. It's not that I don't want to do my civic duty. I was worried about a long disruptive process. An even bigger issue was the nature of the case itself. I'm sensitive....yes, a wimp. There are things I don't want to listen to, and think about.

The day I returned, as I had been instructed to do, I was prepared with all kinds of reasons why I should not be on the jury. The reasons grew once I got there. The defendant was present on this second day. When he had to turn and look at us, I felt so awful. You would think I felt awful because I had to be in the room with someone who very likely committed that crime. That wasn't it. I felt so bad for him. I know that was probably misplaced sympathy, but nevertheless it was how I felt. He looked so trapped, and consumed with a pain that I never want to understand. I did not want to help decide his fate.

I was there for seven hours before I had my chance to talk to the judge. I had been listening during those hours, to all the people who also did not want to serve on the jury. People had many important reasons. I listened about special projects at work. My heart went out to people with health issues. I wondered who was telling the truth and who was overstating. I didn't know if the judge would care that I needed to meet the kindergarten bus. It sounded a little lame rolling around in my brain.

My confidence actually grew though, as I listened. I could see that they were trying to place the burden of jury service on employers, rather than individuals. People with work issues were much less likely to be dismissed than people with family issues. I only needed thirty seconds with the judge, and I was dismissed. I walked out of that courtroom so grateful that my regular family life was not going to be disrupted for months. I determined to be more grateful for everything in my life....especially the kindergarten bus.

So I guess I will try to be more thankful this morning too....weekend aftermath and all.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Good Answer

So last night, Jeff and I came home from going out to dinner, and watched "Dan in Real Life" on pay per view. It was cute, but nothing amazing.

"Dan" was a widower raising three daughters on his own. In the movie, his wife had been gone for four years.

Me: It would be sad if you had to raise Kaitie, Emilee and Riley on your own.

Him: Don't even say that....

Me: But you would never still be a widower in four years.

Him: Maybe I would still be a widower in forty years.

I don't believe it for a second, but I do love it when a man knows how to give the right answer!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Man, I Missed It!

I meant to write this yesterday:

Stan Fields: Miss Rhode Island, please describe your idea of a perfect date.

Cheryl "Rhode Island": That's a tough one. I would have to say April 25th. Because it's not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket.

Friday, April 25, 2008

No Date Night for Me.....

I know this is just my blog's first day and all, but I decided to jump right in....

Tonight Jeff, Kaitie and Emilee went to a church activity. It is a combination of things that I haven't fully grasped. It is a medieval activity, with sword fighting, and also an etiquette dinner. There is a movie, and a talk on being a child of God.....or something like that. It seems like a month's worth of activities, doesn't it? Like I said, I really don't know. My job in it all was to help these three get out the door, in the right attire. It's not my specialty, but I think they turned out!
Emilee made her red dress, with the assistance of a heaven sent advisor. I bought Jeff's costume, and Kaitie's at Costume Craze. Jeff let me know that he thought his costume was a little "weird," but dutifully put it on, and set out for the activity. I had to call him about a minor detail about an hour into the activity. His enthusiasm was up, because one of the boys there had a real sword. That's what Jeff needed....:) Next time I will know how to accessorize for success!

My Open Book

This is my fifth blog. Crazy, isn't it? I started my first one in 2003.

An online friend suggested that a few of us start blogs, so we could learn more about each other's lives. I jumped right in, and loved it from the start. But, it got tricky. I didn't make it known to my family and friends, and I had an awesome time writing about um.....them. After a couple of years, I started having trouble covering the tracks. It's actually silly how much I worried about it, because I wasn't writing anything very scandalous. When the day came that I hit the delete button, real tears rolled down my cheeks. (I have it printed and tucked away for now.)

I have tried a few other ways since then to blog, and it hasn't really been right since that first one. A new approach is in order. Thus the title: "My Open Book." I have been in a good mood since I decided to really do it. Something about it just feels right. I can hear the echo in it right now.....since no one has been invited in yet, it's pretty empty. I imagine I will work on it for a few days before it's truly "Open." We'll see......